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Youth Events

We Are Spark Family Sunday School at Home - Each week Spark House will post the lesson for the upcoming Sunday. All materials are free and can be downloaded. Check it out!!

SUNDAY SCHOOL BEGINS Sunday, September 19 at 9:45am at First Lutheran.

NATIONAL YOUTH GATHERING 2022…Minneapolis, MN  July 24-28, 2022

Fundraising for the upcoming gathering has begun. If you are interested and have questions, please contact Katie Thompson, Kent Rupp or Diane Holmquist. It’s a great experience for all!!

ATTENTION ALL 5th – 12th GRADERS AND PARENTS: on Sunday, September 26, all youth and parents are invited to a youth activities planning session at FL around 10am during the education hour. Bring your calendars and ideas for fall and winter activities!

5th GRADE ACOLYTE TRAINING MINI-RETREAT will be held on Sunday afternoon, September 26 at ENL. Instruction will take place from 1:00 – 3:30pm. Parents of 5th graders are also welcome to attend.

CONFIRMATION SCHEDULE for 9th and 10th Grade Students…
We look forward to thirteen of our young people affirming their baptismal promises on Reformation Sunday, October 31. Here is the fall Sunday schedule for our 9th and 10th graders as they prepare for their Confirmation Day:
Sept. 12 – Rally Sunday
Sept. 19 – Confirmation Student/Parent Orientation Meeting – 10am at FL
Sept. 26 – Fall Youth and Parent Planning Meeting (for all youth and parents in planning fall and winter youth activities)
Oct. 3 – Brunch at 10am for Confirmation students preparing to affirm their baptisms on Oct. 31.
Oct. 10, 17, 24 – Confirmation students meet with Pastor Wayne (as they look back, affirm the present and anticipate the future) Remember, Affirm, Anticipate
Oct. 30 – Photos/Confirmation rehearsal
Oct. 31 – Reformation and Confirmation Sunday
*Please remember our confirmands in prayer: John Aasen, Zack Elliott, Ethan Haats, Liv Miller, Amelia Hall, Brooklyn Monson, Gavin Norstedt, Elijah Pederson, Libby Rohner, Justin Rosenboom, Emily Ruter, Cody VanderStelt, Cloe Williams.

Third graders will receive bibles on Reformation Sunday, October 31, at both services. (Letters will be sent.)