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Upcoming Events

THE GATHER BIBLE STUDY…. We will meet on Tuesday, June 13 at 1pm at FL. Our study is entitled, “Salvation Now – Promised Salvation Now: Jesus Brings Wellness.” Of all of the gospel writers, John is uniquely concerned about the effectiveness of Jesus’ immediate presence. One clue is his regular use of the word “now,” a tiny but powerful word which appears more here than the other gospels combined. In this study we will delve into Jesus’ use of the word “now.”  The coffee pot will be on!

AFFIRMATION OF BAPTISM / CONFIRMATION SERVICE: After meeting with parents, confirmands, congregational presidents and receiving unanimous approval of the Parish Council in May, the Confirmation Class of 2023 will affirm their baptismal promises (Confirmation) on June 11. Service times are: ENL 8:45am – FL at 2pm (Please note: the park service on June 11 will begin at 11am). A coffee hour in their honor will be held following the 8:45am service at ENL and at 1pm prior to the service at FL. All are welcome! The color for the day is red. Please keep our eleven confirmands in your prayers and join us for the celebration! The students are: Katie Bendickson, Ava Cooley, Benjamin Eckkhoff, Eli Hagen, Reva Holmquist, Kyra Lee, Madison Lee, Shelby Miller, Taytan Nielsen, Claudia Slinden, Colton Thompson.

**Please Join Us On June 18th, during the coffee hour after the 8:45 service at FL, Max Slinden will be sharing his mission trip experience to the Dominican Republic. The First Lutheran Church of Norway Lake Trust Committee looks forward to your presence, questions and fellowship as Max describes how God has worked through his hands. If the Spirit moves you, contributions to the Youth Activities Fund are always welcomed. Contact John Clementson or any Trust Committee member to contribute.

THE SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE has begun. Enclosed in this newsletter is a summer schedule for the park services. A big thank you to all who have already volunteered to help! Throughout the summer months, worship will be held each Sunday morning at 8:45am in one of our buildings, with a 10:30am outdoor service at Games Lake County Park (with an exception of June 11 – 11:00am worship). Please call the parish office if you are willing to volunteer for any of the park service positions. Volunteers are still needed to assist with the park services: keyboardists, special music, hosts and hostesses, sound technicians and people to transport the equipment.
Many thanks to the joint Evangelism Committee for all their work and all of you who will graciously volunteer to serve at the park this summer!
HOLY COMMUNION will be celebrated on the first Sunday of each month beginning on June 4. It was decided by the parish council that worshipers would be given their choice between Holy Communion by intinction (receive an individual wafer and dip it in a chalice with wine/grape juice) OR you may decide to receive an individual communion kit (which had been used at the park last year.)

SYNOD ASSEMBLY The SW MN Synod Assembly will be held at Gustavus Adolphus College on June 9 and 10. The theme is “Embody the World.” Voting members from our Parish include Jared & Jeanna O’Neill, Pastor Wayne and Donna Jo.

God’s Work, Our Hands! The FL Trustees established, by congregational approval last year, The Halvorson and Engen Scholarship and Youth Activity Fund. The Trustees continue to support the higher education scholarship applicants, and have also supported other youth activities. This year we are aware of two students who have been moved by the Holy Spirit, to go on mission trips. Max Slinden, a recent graduate, is going to the Dominican Republic, and Raeann Holmquist, a senior this year, is going to Ecuador. Contact President John Clementson or any of the Trustees if you have an interest in supporting these and other individuals in these life-changing missions by contributing to the Trust’s Youth Activity Fund.

ATTENTION ENL MEMBERS…East Norway Lake will observe their 150th Anniversary in 2025. If you are interested in joining a planning committee, please call Pam Gjerde (320-444-2032). Thank you!

SPARK STORY BIBLES…are available for three-year-olds about to begin Sunday School. Call Katie in the parish office to pick yours up.

VACATIONS ARE GREAT…we look forward to them all year long. We plan for them, pack for them, and take care of all of the details before we’re off. But wait! There is something else to do. Before you go, remember that your parish’s mission and ministries continue while you are away. The parish’s expenses go on as usual. So, before you pack up and head out for vacation, please remember the Norway Lake Parish by using your regular offering envelopes. Then have a great vacation!

A Joint ENL and FL WELCA Potluck Lunch will be held on Thursday, June 15, at 12noon at FL. All are welcome, please invite a friend! Please bring a dish to pass and enjoy good food and fellowship. FL serving group 2 will be serving.

Vacation Bible School is planned for July 24 – July 27, 2023, from 5-8pm each day. Supper will be served each evening at 5pm – families are invited to come and eat together.

SW MN SYNOD ASSEMBLY The SW MN Synod Assembly will be held at Gustavus Adolphus College on June 9-10. Voting members from our parish are Jared & Jeanna O’Neill, Mike & Linda Bundy and Pastor Wayne.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS…The FL Meatball Dinner is set for Sunday, September 24. Stay tuned for more information!